About Deoksugung Palace


1593Residence of Prince Wolsan adopted as a temporary palace (26th year of King Seonjo)
1611Palace named Gyeongungung Palace (3rd year of King Gwanghaegun)
1615Palace becomes a secondary royal residence after the king moves to Changdeokgung Palace (7th year of King Gwanghaegun)
1618Queen Dowager Inmok is confined to the palace, and it is renamed Seogung, or West Palace (10th year of King Gwanghaegun)
1623Most palace buildings and land are returned to their original owners (1st year of King Injo)
1897King Gojong leaves the Russian legation and moves to Gyeongungung Palace
Gojong assumes the title of emperor at a coronation ceremony performed at Hwangudan Altar
1900Electrical system and fencing installed at Gyeongungung Palace
1904Most palace buildings are destroyed by fire
1907Palace name is changed to Deoksugung Palace
1933Japanese colonial government destroys most of the palace buildings, sells the lots in open bidding, and develops a public park on the former palace grounds

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